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Sending Money Abroad,

Simplified and Fair.


Our Story

Having been in the import/export business for the past 20 years, we used banks to send money to pay for the purchase of our goods. We never questioned how much they charged and accepted everything blindly. However, that changed three years ago when we were introduced to sending money through a brokerage. Now, we encounter no hidden fees when sending money—just one flat, agreed-upon rate, and that's it!

Our Vision

Just as we were given the opportunity to take control of our money, we want to help other businesses take advantage of the services available to them when sending money abroad.

About Us



Easy Registration

No setup costs
No obligation to trade

Compliance Check

Quick verification to fulfil regulatory obligations


Your account is ready & gives you access to 140 global currencies

How it works

Book Your Trade

Lock in your preferential rate with either your online platform, or with your account manager by phone or email. You will receive receipts via email each step of the way.


Send Us Your Funds

Send your funds into our client segregated ring fenced account held with Barclays.



Let us know where you want your currency sent and within 45 minutes of us receiving your funds they are converted into the currency of your choice, and sent to the destination requested.

Receive Funds


Whether the funds are going back to your own account, a subsidiary or directly to a supplier, the funds will credit safely without delay.

Four Simple Steps...



Quick and Easy Transactions

Via phone, email or online. Same-day delivery through SWIFT network and straight-through processing.

Over 130 Currencies Available

One of the largest currency offerings in the market.

Cutting-edge Online Platform

Offering 24-hr access to the market and reports, as well as file upload capabilities. Payment status tracking and automated email notifications.

Total Security

Our payment provider is authorised and regulated by the FCA as an Electronic Money Institution. As such, client funds are always segregated according to FCA rules/regulations

Why Us



Unit 15 71-73 Nathan Way  



SE28 0BQ

Our Email

Our Phone No.

+44 (0) 75 3539 2530

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